The level of deceit used by Answers In Genesis and other Young Earth organizations doesn't stop with modifying God's Word to fit their theory or hiding scriptures that conflict with their philosophy, there is also an attempt to convince their followers that the majority of Godly Bible scholars support their ideas.

Nothing could be further from the truth. One example of the deceit used to promote this idea are the distorted facts Ken Ham uses to convince his followers that the Young Earth theory has always been the predominant theory, and that the Old Earth doctrine was invented so "compromised Christians" could fit "millions of years into the Bible."

Ken Ham and his staff preach that up until the theory of evolution became popular, the overwhelming percentage of Christians believed the earth was only 6000 years old. They preach that when scientists, along with Charles Darwin, concluded that the earth was billions of years old, a few Christians became concerned that the theory of evolution would destroy the gospel and a person's faith in The Bible as being literal. They preach that Thomas Chalmers invented the "Gap Doctrine" that placed millions of years into Genesis chapter one between verse one and verse two to "fit science into the Bible."

There is one major problem with this information being spread by the Young Earth teachers. Thomas Chalmers lived between 1780 and 1847 and published his opinion regarding the Gap Doctrine in 1833 in the series, Bridgewater Treatise. Charles Darwin did not publish his theory of evolution, The Origin Of The Species, until 1859, 26 years later. Chalmers actually attributed his findings to the 17th century Dutch Arminian theologian Simon Episcopius, who wrote about the Gap Doctrine in the late 1500s through the early 1600s.

So Ken Hams claim that Thomas Chalmers findings were an attempt to discredit the theory of evolution is a flat out attempt to deceive his followers. Ken Ham is also careful not to publicize any of the writings of Simon Episcopius, who promoted the Gap Doctrine during the 1500s.

Other early Old Earth proponents include William Buckland, the Oxford University geology professor, along with Sharon Turner who died in 1847 and and Edward Hitchcock who died in 1864.

These Godly men were instrumental in having the footnotes place in our Bibles in order to help readers understand what the scriptures are really saying. This poses another problem for Ken Ham, because he now has to explain why all of the footnotes in almost all versions of the Bible support the Old Earth Doctrine. So there is a systematic attempt by Young Earth teachers to discredit the authors of the footnotes by pointing out that the added text is not inspired by God, implying that the footnotes are wrong, and even going to great lengths belittling their opinions.

In 1954, evangelical theologian Bernard Ramm wrote in The Christian View of Science and Scripture, "The gap theory has become the standard interpretation throughout hyper-orthodoxy, appearing in an endless stream of books, booklets, Bible studies, and periodical articles. In fact, it has become so sacrosanct with some that to question it is equivalent to tampering with Sacred Scripture or to manifest modernistic leanings".

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